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Halfway There – VCAP-DCV Design

A few weeks ago I passed the VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Virtualization Design exam (3V0-624). I’ll continue through the Sprint to VCIX series, now with the perspective on the depth and material on the VCAP Design exam.

The details on areas to focus on are outlined in my series but here are the main takeaways from the exam:

  1. Requirement, Constraints, Assumptions, and Risks
    • The majority of the success on the exam will rely on either being able to identify elements in a list or key in on one in a scenario.
  2. vSphere feature to non-functional requirement mapping
    • Being able to make a logical design decision (use X feature) to achieve some AMPRS requirement is very important (i.e. use FT to meet an availability SLA).
  3. Compatibility and upgrades
    • Have a good handle on what is necessary from a design/architecture perspective to upgrade vSphere from 5.x > 6.x > 7.x.
    • Understand the core product inter-compatibility and dependencies.
  4. Product design limitations
    • many of the questions will have sensible answers but will fall outside the limits of a product’s capability; review the Config Max on vSphere.

I enjoyed the exam and thought it was a fair assessment. I’ll have more details on the materials that I used to study, by section, in my Sprint to VCIX series. I’ll of course be moving on to the VCAP-DCV Deploy exam and will be documenting that journey as well.

New Website –

I took a two-day break from my VCAP/VCIX study to build out this website. I started my writing/blogging journey by publishing on LinkedIn. However, the publishing dashboard leaves much to be desired. Just the fact of not being able to create tables or columns for content meant I needed to upgrade.

This is the product of ~two days of fiddling and working with WordPress. I think this is an 80% solution and may visit making it more if making it pretty seems beneficial. I was going for something lightweight for text and images on mobile. I think this theme works out since I think most people will be reading my short posts on their phone.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or if you’d like to see something specific.